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Once I open a bar of To'ak how long will it keep?

You don't have too much to worry about but chocolate is best enjoyed in the present

From a health and safety perspective, it will still be viable to eat for several years. From a flavor and aroma perspective, it’s best to eat it within a week or so of opening the bar. After several weeks (even months), the chocolate will still retain a surprising amount of its original flavor and aroma, but it won’t be as strong. The best way to prolong the flavor and aroma after opening a bar is to store it in a ziplock bag at room temperature. This can help maintain flavors and aromas for months.

For the record, there are documented reports of dark chocolate still being edible after 100 years. As part of our own experiment, we have chocolate bars that have been stored in our office for up to six years, and they are still in excellent condition.

View our more detailed storage instructions.

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Last updated on 8th June 2020