Do you test for heavy metals like Cadmium in your chocolate?

Yes we do, and we’re happy to report that the levels of both cadmium are safe...and by a long margin. In fact, our chocolate has some of the lowest levels in Ecuador.

Cadmium: The highest level of Cadmium that we’ve found in To’ak chocolate is 0.22 mg/kg. To put this into context, this equates to a maximum of 0.011 mg of Cadmium in one entire 50-gram bar of To’ak chocolate. The state of California requires a warning label on products that have more than 4.1 ug of Cadmium per daily serving of a single product. So unless you consume 372 entire bars of To’ak chocolate in a single day, the state of California says you’re fine.

The EU, which has even stricter regulations, sets the unhealthy Cadmium threshold at 0.80 mg/kg in chocolate with cacao percentage greater than 50%. To’ak is far below this threshold.

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