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Do you test for heavy metals like Cadmium in your chocolate?

Yes, we regularly test our chocolate for heavy metals, and we’re happy to report that the levels of both cadmium and lead are safe. In fact, our chocolate has some of the lowest levels in Ecuador.

Cadmium: Most recently, we sent our 100% organic Everyday Cacao Powder to the Arotop Lab in Germany. The results revealed a level of 0.108 mg/kg (or mcg/g) cadmium. This equates to 1.728 mcg in one 16-gram serving of our 100% cacao powder. To adjust that to one of our 75% dark chocolate bars, that would equal 0.081 mcg/g or 2.025 mcg per 25-gram serving. Both are under California’s tight limit of 4.1 mcg per day and far below the EU’s threshold of 0.80 mg/kg in chocolate with over 50% cacao.

Lead: The same lab tested for lead and found an amount less than 0.05 mg/kg, meaning there is either zero or an insignificant amount of lead found in our T.cacao 100% cacao.

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