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I received a notification that my order was delivered but I cannot locate it

I received a delivery notification but I can't locate my package

Occasionally courier services will inadvertently mark an order as delivered. Before we classify your package as lost or stolen we ask you to assist us with a few simple steps. Please:

  1. Confirm that your delivery address is correct on your order confirmation email.
  2. Check any locations that your package may have been left (e.g. mailbox, front desk, side door).
  3. Wait 24 hours and then contact To'ak for further support (sometimes the courier provider accidentally marks a package as delivered but it will arrive later OR it was delivered to the wrong address and will be correctly delivered shortly).

You may also wish to contact your Post Office or the courier company to check if they are holding the package for you. Keep in mind that if your package is ultimately lost, stolen or damaged we offer complimentary insurance.

I followed the above steps and it's been more than 24 hours since I received the notification and I still don't have my package

If this is the case we kindly ask you to reach out to us by one of the following channels:

Phone (USA): +1 (805) 600-8625

Phone (Ecuador): +593 23227520

SMS/WhatsApp: +1 (805) 600-8625

Email: [email protected]