What should I do if one of more of the items I ordered was missing when it was delivered?

First of all, we apologize if this happens. This is a problem, and we’re going to fix it. Please contact us via one of the following channels:

Phone (USA): +1 (862) 505-2811

Phone (Ecuador): +593 23227520

SMS/WhatsApp: +1 (805) 600-8625

Email: hello@toakchocolate.com

Include your name, phone number, order confirmation number. It is important that you also attach a photo of the package and its contents so that we can learn what went wrong. We will then contact you directly to advise a resolution.

Please note we offer complimentary worldwide shipping insurance for lost, stolen or damaged orders. To learn more and file a claim click here.

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Last updated on 7th June 2020
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