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Which product do you recommend for a gift?

We've got you covered

It really depends on who the gift is for and what your price range is.

Fancy something fancy?

The fanciest and most extravagant gift would be one of our Origin bars, which is frequently included in gifting guides from publications like Forbes and Robb Report. Each Origin bar is packaged in a handcrafted hardwood box, with the individual bar number engraved on the back, and is accompanied by tasting utensils and a booklet that provides a guide to the art of tasting and pairing dark chocolate. You have a choice of Harvest editions or Aged editions. Origin bars are priced in the range of $200.

Going all out?

Unless you want to go really big. In this case, you will want to have a very close look at our Art Series chocolate. This is generally regarded as the single most luxurious dark chocolate in the world. The price is $450. Your gift is sure to impress even the hardest-to-impress gift recipients. The Art Series comes with a limited edition artistic print (with certificate of authenticity and mini display stand), a booklet which provides a guide to tasting and the artist, a copper tasting plate and bamboo tasting utensil, all encased in an exquisite handcrafted hardwood box, with the individual bar number engraved on the back.

Something that makes a statement?

Our Signature Collection is an ideal gift for foodies, chocolate lovers and/or connoisseurs, and anyone with a sweet tooth. There are a range of flavors and styles, including our hallmark cask-aged editions as well as our Harvest editions. If you want to try multiple flavors, take a look at our Mini Bar Selections, which offer the opportunity to taste practically every single harvest year that To’ak has produced...in one single box. It's the perfect dinner party or thank you gift.

For the health conscious

For the health conscious, we offer bags of 100% organic cacao powder aimed at everyday use. We also offer drinking chocolate in various flavors and styles, including barrel-aged drinking chocolate.

Gift wrapping?

Yes! We offer the option to wrap your gift in our in-house designed cacao wrapping paper. You can also include a hand written card with your order, for a personalized touch. More details here.

More Questions?

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