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I prefer milk chocolate or lighter chocolate. What do you recommend for me?


In terms of chocolate bars, our lowest percentage bar is 73% cacao (from our 2015 harvest) which is the based of our Tequila Cask Aged bars, and it was made with the intention to be a very gentle dark chocolate. Our 2017 harvest also has a relatively low cacao percentage of 76%. In addition, our Galapagos Harvest has a fudge-like texture and taste which many people who enjoy milk chocolate will find this chocolate very approachable.

You should also take a look at our cacao powder and drinking chocolate, which you can add milk or additional sweeteners to, if you so desire.

No to low bitterness

All of our chocolate is made with the highest quality fine flavor cacao beans. We're also meticulous when it comes to important post-harvest and productions steps such as fermentation, sun-drying, roasting and conching. This attention to detail means that a bar of To'ak chocolate is much less bitter than most supermarket bought dark chocolate bars. Therefore you can feel confident being a little more adventurous with cacao percentage.

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