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My chocolate/package arrived damaged, what should I do next?

First of all please TAKE A PHOTO of the damage

We apologize if this happens. In order to resolve the issue satisfactorily we ask you to take a photo (or several photos) that clearly show the damage to the product. This will assist us in processing your complimentary shipping insurance claim ASAP.

We’ve spent a great deal of time and resources trying to figure out the best possible way to protect your chocolate during shipment. Between our farmers and our production in Ecuador there are only two other steps between you and your chocolate: our warhouse and fulfilment team and the courier/postal service. It is very rare that a package arrives damaged, but on the odd occasion something unintended can occur. Rest assured we will resolve any issue of damage, loss or theft of your order.

You are entitled to complimentary insurance

If your chocolate is melted or severely discolored upon arrival due to extreme weather, you are entitled to file an insurance claim for a refund or replacement. Click here to view the process for filing an insurance claim. While it is not necessary, we do appreciate if you can advise us of any damage as this will help us to reduce the risk of it occuring again and we can also assist with a speedy resolution of your insurance claim.

If my bar is broken can I still eat it?

If the bar is broken (which can occasionally happen due to handling during shipment) but otherwise the coloration of the bar is normal, we consider the bar still in good form for tasting and enjoyment. However we understand that you have paid for your chocolate to arrive in pristine condition and should you not be satisfied with the condition in which it was received, you are entitled to file an insurance claim. To view the process for filing a claim please click here.

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