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What can I do if my chocolate arrived damaged (broken, discolored or melted)?

We’re sorry about this. We’ve spent a great deal of time and resources trying to figure out the best possible way to protect your chocolate during shipment, but our system is not perfect.

The chocolate bar is broken but is NOT melted or discolored: A broken bar is frustrating, but this is something that happens from time to time. If the coloration of the bar is normal, the bar is still considered to be in good form for tasting and enjoyment. You can choose to enjoy the broken bar or alternatively you are entitled to file an insurance claim for a replacement or reimbursement.

The chocolate is melted or severely discolored: If your chocolate is melted or severely discolored upon arrival due to extreme weather, please file an insurance claim for a replacement or reimbursement or contact us to have us file the claim on your behalf.

View instructions on how to make an insurance claim.

Claims for damaged products can be filed immediately and you will normally receive the decision within 24 hours.

Please take a photo of the damage if you wish to file an insurance claim and/or request a refund/replacement. Without a photo it is difficult for us to assess the damage and assist you with a resolution.

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