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What are your social and environmental commitments?

To'ak Chocolate's Social and Environmental Commitments

We're doing our best to contribute to positive change in the world of chocolate and the farming of cacao. Below is a summary of our efforts, which ranges from paying the highest prices to farmers in the industry, going beyond certifications, up-cycling byproducts, and protecting endangered varieties of cacao. For the full story:

Read about our social and environmental commitments

The article above covers our work in areas such as:

  1. Not just fair trade and direct trade, but participatory trade
  2. Paying the highest price per pound for cacao beans
  3. Covering the financial and bureaucratic costs of certification
  4. Going beyond certification with Orijin — a traceability & storytelling platform co-developed by To'ak
  5. Paying attention to terroir and provenance pays dividends for farmers
  6. Working with local artisans
  7. Our roots are in conservation
  8. Protecting future flavor diversity and heirloom cacao
  9. Responsible sourcing of ingredients
  10. Innovation and upcycling waste products to create healthy and functional beverages

To’ak is proudly based in Ecuador—the native origin of cacao—and our roots are in rainforest conservation. Our business is about creating memorable experiences, connecting people to land, and promoting a healthy food and farming culture.

We do this by constantly pushing the boundaries of how cacao is sourced, produced, experienced, and valued in the world today. We are celebrated for our innovative cask-aged chocolate, and we have made it our job to be stewards of the rarest and most prized cacao variety on earth.

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