Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries except those which prohibit the import of foodstuffs by private individuals. Note: some countries require additional information (such as the ID number of the recipient).

Does your chocolate contain nuts or other allergens?

Our chocolate is produced at a factory that also handles nuts, peanuts, soy, and milk, but we do not intentionally add any of these ingredients to our chocolate.

What is the weight of each bar of chocolate?

Our Art Series, Origin bars and Signature bars each weigh 50 grams (1.76 ounces). Our mini bars are packaged in sets of either 9 bars or 18 bars, and each mini bar weighs 3 - 4 grams (0.10 - 0.14 ounces).

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What is the difference between Harvest editions and Aged editions?

Our Harvest editions are harvested from a specific appellation during a specific year (similar to wine), with the objective to highlight the unique flavor and aroma characteristics that are created by the soil and climate conditions of that particular harvest (i.e., “terroir”). Our Aged editions are Harvest editions that have been aged in some kind of aromatic vessel (eg, casks that formerly stored wine or spirits, or Ecuadorian wood vessels) or have been aged in the same container as some other aromatic material (eg, Kampot pepper or Palo Santo wood).

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Once I open a bar of To'ak how long will it keep?

From a health and safety perspective, it will still be viable to eat for several years. From a flavor and aroma perspective, it’s best to eat it within a week or so of opening the bar. If you do want to preserve a bar after opening, store it in a ziplock bag. This can help maintain flavors and aromas for months.

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Which product do you recommend for a gift?

Well, it really depends on who the gift is for and what your price range is. But we do have a few tips.

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Do you have a media kit? Can I request samples or an interview?

Yes, we have a media kit with high resolution photos, press releases and other product related information. Please submit some basic information to receive the access details, to request an interview, or to request samples.

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Can I visit the farm where you harvest your cacao?

The farms where we harvest our cacao are difficult to access and are not set up to receive visitors. If you’re a journalist or member of the media and wish to do a story about To’ak that involves a visit to the farm, please get in touch.

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Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not yet shipped and is not in the final process of being fulfilled then we can help you with a refund.

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Do you offer overnight shipping?

For orders within the USA only, we are able to offer FedEx Overnight express courier service for $30. Cut off time is 8am Mountain Time but if you miss this by a small window please give us a call or send us a message and sometimes we can still dispatch the same day.

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